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 As you sit there, reading this information, letting your eyes follow each word, you can begin to realize how this information will allow you to make amazing art. And as you think about how that might happen, and listen to what those ideas are inside your own thoughts, and because you like the Godly Art of the Masters, you can now join my mailing list to learn their secret methods FOR FREE. Enter your email in the box to the right. 

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"The art of John Paul Blanchette has continued to grow with a unique and dynamic style and presence about it which evokes a different emotion each time you revisit the work. While it also makes a clear statement about what the artist is wanting the viewer to understand, his work always allows the viewer to experience their own interpretation even within a representational display." Ed Beard Jr - World famous Professional Illustrator and Fine Artist

"John: Your art to me is astonishing in its fantasy realism and message making. Modern and fantastic....colorful and finely executed! Often overwhelming in sheer size and scope of ideas...Keep painting!" Richard Kattman - Professional Fine Artist and Architect

"I purchased an oil on canvas painting from John Paul Blanchette in March of 2011. It was a painting that I had seen in his gallery online (I’ve got the spirit) and had taken a liking to right away. Shortly after the Japanese tsunami, John Paul actually put this painting up for auction with all proceeds going to tsunami relief efforts. I was fortunate enough to be the winning bidder and the new owner of a great new piece of art. I’m not a connoisseur of fine things nor a collector of arts, I am just a person that knows what they like, and that’s why I now own one of John Paul Blanchette’s paintings. I have it hung proudly on my wall amongst other hangings in my house. It does what I want my art to do, it looks good on my wall, it relaxes me and inspires me to think when I stare at it, and it gets noticed and commented on by just about everyone who enters my home. I feel very fortunate to own this painting by Mr. Blanchette; I keep a watchful eye on his new and current projects, and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see more of his art appear on my walls in the future." John P. Nanai. - Private collector

"Johns art takes my wacky world view of the digital age involving popular culture, sex, violence, and politics and culminates it into a funky and sometimes humorous portrayal. I believe that all art is personal and political and Johns work certainly wreaks of that. I just happen to agree with him." Anthony Esper, Brooklyn, NY - Private collector

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