Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stuff I care about/stuff I don't care about

I usually don't do introspective posts like this. I think they are very 15 year old girlish and boring. But I find it amusing, so here it goes. Here's the stuff I care about and the stuff I don't care about. 


Family-I need them, they need me. This is great!
Friends-I like them around, they like me. Hi fives all around!
Art-This is how I define myself. I'd pay to be able to make art. It's my passion. It's my pleasure. It's a curse.
Music-I could never go a day without it. Specifically Heavy Metal.
Guitar-Everyday. I plan on recording some music soon.
Humor-I know of some people who have no sense of humor. I don't like them. Life would be impossible without humor.
Pretty ladies- Do I need to explain this?
Money-Ever try to pay your bills with love? Let me know how that works out for you. The world still turns without money though.
Reading-Everyday I try to get an hour of reading in. Mostly non-fiction, as fiction doesn't really improve me.
Diet and Exercise- You've only got one body and no spares. I plan on living a very long life.
Spirituality-I'm a believer. I like Joseph Campbell's philosophy on myth and it's importance. Carl Jung is THE MAN.
Death- I think about death everyday. I refuse to be forgotten like I never existed. Just another human. No way!
Improvement-Everyday getting better at something. Painting, guitar,  anything. Just as long as I'm making progress. Oh, and I judge myself against my past, not others. VERY IMPORTANT!I used to judge myself based on others and it was pure hell for a long time.
Individuality-I don't understand people who are comfortable being like everyone else. How quickly people forget about their unique fingerprints. Such a shame. It makes me sad, really.


Fitting in-I'd rather die.
TV-I'm proud to say I have no idea what's on TV these days. It's all commercial junk. TV's purpose is to bring people to advertisers. FUCK THAT SHIT. Read a book. Stream a movie or watch a DVD. Problem solved.
Pop culture-I don't care who's dating who. Taylor Swift could be dating a chimp for all I care. Although, that would be cool. Imagine the break-up song!
Fashion-It may be an art, but it's way to close to mediocrity for me. I'll wear what I choose. The more unfashionable the better.
Social circles-I have my friends. I don't care if they're not the coolest people around. They're the coolest people in my life and that's what's most important. 
Hair-I lost mine at 21. It was really rough to lose it that young. Now I just buzz it down every week. Feels great. Do you have any idea how much money I've saved?
Promiscuity- I've never been a player and never will. I contribute better things to society.

So there you go.  Taylor Swift, if you read this, I will pay you to date a chimp. Thanks.


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