Monday, October 8, 2012

A visit to HP Lovecraft's grave

 My friends and I visited HP Lovecraft's grave. It's in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island. The weather was perfect for a visit to a horror author's grave. Overcast and light rain! After we finished with all the photos, a security guard briefly harassed us. Apparently they don't allow people to photograph any graves. They don't want people selling the photos for profit or they'll sue. I think that guard needs to relax and read some Lovecraft! Here's the photos.

hp lovecraft grave
 Looks like he want's to sample my friend Dave's soul!
hp lovecraft grave
 My friend Josh is Too Metal For His Own Good.
hp lovecraft grave
 Looking into your soul.
hp lovecraft grave
 I need to work on my metal face.
hp lovecraft grave
 This is a serious affair!
hp lovecraft grave
 1940's horror movie version
  Metal album cover version in blue
hp lovecraft grave
 Cthulhu green version
hp lovecraft grave
 We could feel Lovecraft's magick working From Beyond.
hp lovecraft grave
and with Strange Aeons, EVEN DEATH MAY DIE. 

Rest in Peace HP Lovecraft. You continue to influence and inspire. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

This is grave! More respect guys!

John Paul Blanchette said...

I assure you, we are all fans of his and paid his grave with the utmost respect.