Friday, July 6, 2012

Amazing Things summer art show 2012 ATTACK OF THE 1000 FT. DIVA!

john paul blanchette
Here I am at the Amazing Things summer art show with my painting 
"Attack of the 1000 ft Diva!" 
Thank you to Amazing Things arts center for yet another great show. 
Congratulations to all winners!

john paul blanchette
I stand by my art and offer no apologies for it. Why am I wearing a gauntlet? I'm an artist. That's why.

Richard Kattman in front of his brilliant painting

"Self Portrait". It got an honorable mention at the show. Well deserved!

 Virginia Adams in front of her beautiful and well crafted art. She won second place!

 Davey Renaud looking super-cool next to my painting. He looks like he's a detective from Miami Vice here. 

 You do like my art, yes? Text FAN JOHNPAULBLANCHETTEART to 32665

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