Sunday, March 11, 2012

Influences: Sean Boyce

sean boyce
Commonwealth Ave in Springtime by Sean Boyce (sold!)

Sean Boyce is driven. He's possibly the most ambitious artist that I know. In addition to persuing his personal art career, he runs his own art space called Apex Fine Arts, where other artists can exhibit their work. You may have actually bumped into him. He bikes around Boston to paint the various memorable vistas. I met him at a friend's art exhibition and immediately hit it off, talking endlessly about the genius of Salvador Dali, and a million other artsy topics I can't remember now that the free booze has cleared from my skull. He knows his stuff. That I can remember quite well.

His paintings command your attention and do not let go. No stranger to impasto, he lays the paint on thick when he feels necessary. Your eyes follow accordingly. Van Gogh would be very very proud of this. It's passionate painting at it's finest. Van Gogh's main contribution to painting is that he used A LOT of color. No murky muddy over mixed colors. Sean clearly has picked up on this, pulling it out of the collective unconscious painter river for our viewing pleasure.

In his own words:

"I am currently developing a style called "Arbitrary Realism" (formerly; Abstract Realism"). In my quest to master the art of oil painting I will use arbitrary color effects to enhance the picture's appeal. I will also explore the inevitable elements of abstraction inherent in the process of representational, objective picture making in two dimensions while (loosely yet vigorously) attending to perspective, scale, proportion and observation. Art (to me) is about diversion, which includes a wide range of emotional, even spiritual responses. I continue to develop the above mentioned methods (among a myriad of others) in order to elicit an ever more potent effect."

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

So I salute you Sean Boyce, you influence me. Thank you!

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