Sunday, February 19, 2012

Influences: Richard Kattman

Richard Kattman

Peaches by Richard Kattman

I remember being instantly impressed by Rich's art. He's an artist local to where I live, so I see his art quite a bit. He's also a great guy and always has been a pleasure to talk to and talk artist shop.

Rich is a bit of a Renaissance man. He's a photographer, a painter, and a landscape architect. Form what I've seen he does them all well! My personal favorite is his paintings, however. His paintings are vivid and gripping. They also tend to be decent size canvases, so they really get your attention. His art is about nature, man's relationship to nature, man's nature and the nature of painting and drawing.  He searches for beauty and meaning in the universe.

His art is inspired by natural elements; sea, wind, sand, grass, sky, flowers, fields, woods, gardens and night stars. Some are drawn from infinite places located within his subconscious. Others are explorations he takes at the speed of light to places he imagines in deep outer space. Rich does the legwork for you!

Rich likes Matisse, Picasso, DaVinci, Raphael, Renoir, DeKooning, and Monet.

Rich currently has a show of landscape paintings going up Saturday at the Frame Shop Natick, MA Feb 18- Mar 30.

So I salute you, Richard Kattman. You influence me. Thank you.

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