Sunday, January 15, 2012

Artistic Influences: ED BEARD JR.

I'm again going to list an artistic influence each week. It's important to not just honor the past Masters, but the multitude of important living artists as well.

                                                 ED BEARD JR

ed beard jr.

"Treasure by the shore"

I can only begin to capture the awesomeness of this man. Bear witness to his extreme artistic talent here:

Ed is a seasoned professional illustrator and fine artist. He is known primarily for his fantasy artwork. His name is well known and respected in the fantasy genre and beyond. His technique is brilliant. Acrylic paint combined with some airbrush work to compensate for acrylic paint's shortcomings. The finished products are mind blowing images unlike anything you've ever seen. Completely made by hand start to finish. I get endless inspiration from his art. It's so well crafted it's hard to believe.

His artistic skill is eclipsed only by his enormous character, however. As an advocate for artist rights, he immediately calls out any infringements and takes action. I would never want to cross this man!

So I salute you, Ed Beard Jr. You influence me. Thank you.

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Ed Beard Jr said...

I am greatly honored Paul by your kind words. After nearly 35 years creating what I like to call fine art in a fantasy setting, it is a rare experience for any of us old timers to be so fortunate as to be recognized in this way. You are certainly destined for great success and I'm sure you also will be rewarded in this same way as you well deserve it. keep up the great art!