Thursday, December 8, 2011


THE FOUR HORSEMEN- Rough digital sketches.

the four horsemen
Draft #3. Finalized rough digital image. Reduced flames and green glowing eyes. This is it.

Draft #2. Warped the landscape. Not quite there yet.

the four horsemen

Draft #1. Cool, but needed work.

I can't resist doing a 2012 apocalypse painting. Apocalypse is Greek for revealtion, by the way. Something to consider. I'm quite pleased with this image. I especially like the world warping ripple effect on the landscape. If you look close, the eyes of the Horseman at the center has green glowing eyes. He's supposed to be Death, so I couldn't resist! It'll be tough to paint, but worth it! And yes, to answer the question, I have been listening to way too much Metallica. Ahhhhh yeah yeah!

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