Friday, November 11, 2011

It's OK to be artistic and male but only at football games

Move over Picasso! On a scale of 1-10, how artistic is this guy in the above photo? I'll say 9. It would be a 10 if his attire didn't involve the Eagles or sports at all. Judging by the green and the E, I think he's an Philadelphia Eagles fan. I still really can't figure out this phenomenon. Males in the US are able to be extremely creative and artistic in forums that are widely accepted as masculine, but that's about it. It's actually encouraged and usually rewarded. Hell, you might even end up on TV if you are creative enough! Social proof of how artistic and creative you are! Isn't it interesting that if he were to walk into a local bar like this and his attire was about cats he'd most likely be laughed out of the place. It seems the key is that the forum must be masculine AND the attire worn must be masculine as well. He could walk into a bar exactly like this and for the most part be accepted. Especially a sports bar. I like to think that these men are like some kind of a shaman. Instead of trying to heal the tribe though, their "magic" is focused on getting their team to win. Is the image below an Indians fan? Could be.


The only problem I have with this phenomenon is that these are highly artistic men that feel that they can only display this in accepted masculine ways in accepted masculine venues. Come to think about it, I'm guilty as charged. I personally like to wear a gauntlet to my art shows.

john paul blanchette

Knights are fairly masculine. It's quite a crowd pleaser, I've noticed. People respond positively to it. Am I just doing the same thing as these sports fanatics with their face paint and wild attire? Some unconscious archetype kicking in? Yes and no. Art galleries aren't considered very masculine, so the forum is very different. If anything, art galleries are more feminine in nature. It's been said that the job of the artist isn't to give them art they want, but art they need. This philosophy is rather shamanic. Maybe I should start to wear face paint too? Maybe a drum...OK enough.

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